Nowadays, all documents are submitted in electronic form. Therefore, we would like to offer you the typing service covering all types of texts, including scanned and hand-written ones, in a quick and qualitative way. Unlike automatic PDF to Word conversion tools, we keep formatting intact, as our experts always ensure the final document uses the most identic formatting as the original, unless otherwise agreed. We deal with almost all file formats, whether you have a low-quality JPG or a watermarked PDF. We are here to take the stress away and provide you with a well-organized MS Word document that can be easily edited and modified. Besides, once your document is retyped, it is checked for mistakes by a certified editor. 
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Linguistic review
 No matter how professional the translator is, all translated materials undergo various types of quality assurance processes, such as editing and proofreading. Their main purpose is to eliminate grammar, punctuation, and spelling mistakes, correct typos, convey the original meaning, as well as to bring the form and content of the text in line with the language norms of written speech and specified requirements. Sometimes even a professional translator, being a non-native speaker, fails to capture all the subtleties of the target language. In that event, we reach out to the native speakers with appropriate qualifications for the proofreading.
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Website translation
All over the world, sales of products and services are mainly carried out through websites and social media platforms. Thus, it becomes necessary to have a website in several languages, especially in English and Russian, to boost sales and promote your products abroad. Translating your website into foreign languages you not only make your way to the global market, but also shape the search engine optimization. 
The website translation service covers collection of the website material and its translation in the format you prefer.
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Notarization / Apostille legalization
As part of the notarization process, the notary certifies the authenticity of signature of the translator registered by the same notary. If the document has all the attributes (signature and seal, as well as consular legalization in a number of foreign countries) of an official document, then the translation of the document can be notarized. Besides, you must provide the original document or its notarized copy for notarization of the translation. The following documents are translated with notarization:
  • executive, information and personnel documents of the company;
  • certificates issued by the state authorities;
  • documents confirming the degree, knowledge and skills;
  • written instructions regarding property and related persons;
  • identity documents and title deeds, etc.
As to apostille, it is required for the use abroad of documents issued in your country. In simple terms, to issue an apostille means to undergo a procedure of confirming the issuance of documents by an official at the international level. And we can help you with the apostille of documents issued in Azerbaijan.
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Oral translation
We provide our clients with consecutive and simultaneous interpreting services for both business and personal purposes. Unlike simultaneous interpreting, consecutive one does not require special technical equipment, so you can apply for consecutive interpreting across the full range of contexts. It is more cost-effective and suits your needs within a series of international events.
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Written translation
Written translation implies the transferring of message captured in the source language, creating the grammatical structure of the text in the target language. The complexity of written translation lies in maintaining accuracy while conveying meaning, as this is done using forms accessible to the target language. Therefore, a high-quality and correct translation of complex texts can be carried out only by people understanding the context, and in no case by CAT tools. The team of Avrasiya Translation Center is always at your service to provide you with translation regardless of its type and volume of the order. Timely completion of high-quality translation is our priority. You can send us your materials to be translated by email in the preferred format. 

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